Christmas shopping with Dad on Jetty Road

With Christmas approaching faster than a Minecraft Creeper it was time to be proactive and make some inroads into the festive check-list.

And as any parent would know, adding kids into the mix requires military like strategy. So for this mission, it made sense to shop local and “shock and awe” Jetty Road, Glenelg. As far as gift ideas goes, The Bay is a veritable trove of treasures – from chocolate, to plants, to fashion, to art and nicknacks for home.

My daughter, Airlee couldn’t wait to hit the shops…. but first coffee. We fuel up at Swedish Tarts – a little hidden gem just off the main which, for parents, does great table service, great food, but even more importantly for me, great coffee.

Swedish tarts
Swedish tarts

We come up with a plan to start at the east end of Jetty Road and work our way back to our favourite beach! First stop is the Newsagency in Bay Junction for our Christmas cards. Locals would know the ladies in this store take customer service to the next level and can point you in the direction of what you’re looking for.

Haighs chocolate

We then wander down the road to the Bay Junction Florist to pick up a little green gift. The only problem here is making choices. The shop is like the tardis  – and visual overload when inside. Airlee can’t focus on the plants having discovered the range of Christmas decorations featuring dogs. If only we had a pug. But we settle on the cutest of succulents in a cool pot and mark another task off our list.

Next stop is Haigh’s Chocolate, which is as South Australian as Farmers Union. We pick out some gift packs for Christmas and also grab a handful of edible christmas tree decorations. They look great, but the chances of them making it to December 25 intact at our place are about as slim as it snowing on Jetty Road. I’m cool with that though.

Our next destination has me most nervous, but we head into the new Daily Grind Glenelg store to check out a skate deck for Airlee. This is fraught with danger, balancing getting enough intel as to which one she wants for Christmas and trying to keep it secret until then.

The new store is amazing and almost like an art gallery of colour. You can even get a coffee there as you peruse the huge range of skate, BMX and apparel. Thankfully she is quickly distracted by Woody the red cattle dog and I’m left to find some new threads myself. I settle on another black tee for my collection.
daily gring dog

stakeboardsOur final stop is Dymocks for a couple more presents. Books are such a great gift idea and I quickly find my quota. Airlee makes track for the huge kids range and her latest obsession – Minecraft. There is a whole section of Minecraft guides and stories and I’m somehow convinced we need a guide to surviving the Minecraft ocean.

Dymocks also has some incredible wrapping paper and packs for taking it up a notch and we are thrilled to stumble across some of The Great Wave by Hokusai, which fortuitously ties in with our Christmas artwork.


Mission accomplished, we finish with some R&R on our favourite beach – Glenelg.
Christmas shopping has certainly never been more fun, just how it should be. Stress free!