Date Day at The Bay – with Ryan

Nothing quite gets a man brownie points or even out of the dog house like a sweet date night and if you’re strategic about it, you could be taking your date night to the next level.

Firstly, change things up and make it a date afternoon-into-night. We did just that recently on a perfect sunny afternoon along Jetty Road, Glenelg, and here’s how it went…

Date Drinks at the Grand
I always come up with the best dates Loz!

Catching the tram in is obviously easy and convenient but also provides the luxury of not having to nominate who’s going to drive after the inevitable cocktail stop at the Stamford Grand later on. We decided to get off at the top of Jetty Road at the Brighton Road stop, and leisurely make our way down.

Villa Hampton
They are always too small for me
Sportpower sports clothing
Fitness in 2020… JUST DO IT.
The Annexe Cafe
Brownie Points and Brownies at The Annexe Cafe

We’d barely gotten very far by the time my fiance Lauren insisted on a visit into Villa Hampton, packed with epic homewares and all the things women seem to “NEED” (I don’t think they’ve learnt the NEED v WANT lesson) I myself, was quite impressed with their range. Letting Lauren loose in there definitely added to the brownie point tally. Then I carried it all for the rest of the day. Rookie.
I called into Sportspower Glenelg shortly after as I knew there was a sale on and of course I’m bound to make (and likely break) New Year’s resolutions into 2020 on fitness etc, so perfect place to load up on that kit. All was well until Lauren found little baby sneakers and things got slightly too real for me so I grabbed some shorts, a Nike hoodie and some new runners and we kept on down Jetty Road with the afternoon sun beaming on our faces.

Finally, it’s time for brownies for me. Not points, actual ones. The Annex Cafe a few steps off Jetty Road on Waterloo Street has a cabinet full of baked goods to die for, plus they make a mean coffee, or, if you’re like us and slightly grandma-ish, chai latte! I’m a sucker for a good cafe with an instagrammable feature wall!

Some more walking and gawking at the sensational sunset and ferris wheel helped get the appetite up again for our planned dinner at Mugen House…it’s always been on my list and I’m kicking myself for not going sooner. The food. The flavours. The colours and presentation, this place is a show stopper and a crowd pleaser, with their fresh authentic japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi, and my personal favourite teppanyaki. The brownie points tally will soar at this place, soak it up and grab some sake while you’re there. It’s unbelievable and the supreme food is only rivalled by the fantastic service. Do yourself a favour!

Mugen House glenelg
Mmm. Mugen House…
The Grand
How good is this Grand view

We capped the night off with a colourful cocktail seaside at the Grand Bar, who are currently celebrating their 25th birthday so it’s a great time to pop in for a drink. There’s something about that corner deck at the Stamford Grand that makes you feel miles away and lose all track of time people watching, drinking and soaking up the very best of our sweet state, our much loved and iconic Jetty Road Glenelg. We will be back VERY soon!