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The lifestyle and feel of putting down your roots beach side is relaxing, inspiring and gives you a respite from the day-to-day city grind. There’s nothing like a stroll down the Glenelg Jetty or a brisk walk along the esplanade at Somerton.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a property close to the shore, we chat with Ty Read, the expert at Toop & Toop Glenelg  & go hunting for some of our favourite homewares finds on Jetty Road.

Ty Read_Toop&Toop Sales Partner

If I want to invest in a beachside property what should I be looking for?
Along the coast you’ll always win when investing for long term capital growth. The ideal investment is a freestanding property which either has beautiful character you can retain and add further value to, or a property which offers redevelopment opportunities.  From Glenelg North through to Seacliff look to buy on the west side of Brighton Road, homes here are always highly sought after.

Top 3 Tips for investing beachside:
Tip #1 Look for a property you can easily add value to without overcapitalising
Tip #2 Buy & hold – think long term investment (5-10 years)
Tip #3 Location, location, location!


This gorgeous property recently went on the market in a perfect spot. Nestled between Brighton Road and the coast, this Ramsgate Street property has some gorgeous period features that have been modernised.

Glenelg South 36 Ramsgate Street_E001

RUSTIC BEDROOM RETREAT // STYLE TIP – add texture with a throw, modern artwork and a clean white palette.


GET THE LOOK @ Home Basics & Design // STYLE TIP Add a bedside table book, candles and a grey throw.

Glenelg South 36 Ramsgate Street_E005

LIGHT BRIGHT LIVING SPACE // STYLE TIP Add wooden pieces and freshen up with grey sofas, plants, pops of colour and abstract artwork.


GET THE LOOK @ Lightbox Gift & Home // STYLE TIP Graphic black and white , concrete planters and vases add a modern feel to your space.

Glenelg South 36 Ramsgate Street_E010

BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS // RENOVATION TIP When choosing fixtures and fittings for a bathroom think long term. White floor-to-ceiling tiles add a sense of grandeur and height.


GET THE LOOK @ HOME BASICS & DESIGN // STYLE TIP Nothing screams luxury more than a set of Missoni towels. Mix & match patterns for an eclectic look.

Want to buy a luxury property at the bay?

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