Mindful Beauty at Jetty Road, Glenelg

Natural, organic, holistic – the world of mindful beauty is expansive.
Jetty Road, Glenelg and surrounds are filled with unique offerings that meet the increasing demand for products that use natural ingredients and still deliver results.

We hit the streets and here is our edit of some of the best mindful beauty products, turns out it’s easier being green than we initially thought.

Skin Things

When it comes to natural and environmentally friendly beauty products, look no further than Skin Things.  With their very own range named, ‘Nourished Skin’ made on site (now you cant  shop more local than that!), you can’t go past any of their super moist body butters in a range of natural fragrances to moisturise dry skin.

body butter
Skin Things- 99B Jetty Road, Glenelg

Endota Spa

skin products
Endota Spa Glenelg

Block a day out in your diary and book in an Endota Spa treatment, on Nile Street just off of Jetty Road, Glenelg. Your skin will love their infused active botanicals and benefit from antioxidants as a signature facial, or simply pick up some deep hydration face moisturiser to help dry skin from the cold, be gone.

The Source Bulk Foods

Be part of the zero waste shopping revolution at The Source Bulk Foods and stock up on organic food. Nourish your insides, as well as your outsides and whip up your very own Coconut Acai Bowl packed full of  yummy goodness.

Acai bowl
The Souce Bulk Foods – at the Bayside Village, Glenelg

Y Natural Skin

Y Natural Skin are ethical, all-natural and gorgeous for your skin and hair. Tailored to women, men and babies. We can’t go past, their shampoo and conditioner range, 100% free of petrochemicals and synthetic chemicals, jam-packed with ingredients that nourish and care for your hair and scalp.

Bulgarian Rose Otto is Y’s signature ingredient – moisturising, healing, regenerative and long recognised as the essential oil that is the single-most beneficial for skin. It requires steam distillation of fresh, dawn-harvested certified organic rose petals to make just one litre of this precious oil.

Y Natural – Durham Street

Product Prices

Products mentioned in the blog/content piece are all available at each retailer mentioned with the following price points:

  • Skin Things: Body Butter (100g) $25.00
  • Endota Spa: Deep Hydration Face Moisturiser (60 ml) $65.00
  • The Source Bulk foods – prices vary depending quantity
  • Y Natural: Shampoo $40.00 and Conditioner $35.00 (per bottle)

The above recommended retail prices (RRP) can be used with photo captions.