If you’re a tea lover you will know the pleasure in a really good cup. The Teahouse is the only specialty tea house at the Bay, with over 60 varieties of tea to choose from.

Susanne has been in hospitality for 40 years, with her love of Glenelg she decided to open her doors to fellow tea lovers 4 years ago. Open from 8am – 5pm daily The Teahouse  is a great place to meet friends or grab a light lunch.

inside the Teahouse


The girls at the Teahouse will help you select from the many varieties. For beginners here are their top 3 must try flavours…

#1 English Breakfast, served in a pot this is a crowd favourite.

#2 Flavoured green tea, try it in jasmine, lemon, herbal or grey.

#3 Sencha Japanese tea, floral and fruity.

A pot for 1 $5.50 for 2 $9.50

For the hungry there is light lunch options like, frittata, croissant, toasted sandwiches, focaccias and more.

range of teas at the Teahouse Glenelg
Try Buddha tears – Each tear gracefully unfurls and dances in the water, gradually releasing a sublime and refined flavour.

Tea blends at the Teahouse

Morning Dew, The Teahouse
Morning Dew – a blend of fruity flavours sprinkled with a selection of flowers
Freshly brewed at The Teahouse
Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways as it has the ability to improve digestion and eliminate inflammation.

MUST TRY… Sencha Japanese Tea. Morning Dew & Evening Mist are a favourite. Sencha is a variety of Japanese, green tea which is prepared by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. It is the most popular tea in Japan.

COFFEE & LATTES ~ If you’re not a tea lover, The Teahouse also serves a blend roasted in SA from $3.90 and a selection of nutritional lattes like, beetroot, matcha, tumeric and cacao from $4.90

tea preparation at the teahouse pouring tea at the Teahouse

Shop 10, 1 Colley Terrace
Glenelg, South Australia







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